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Dynamicweb CMS Frontend Developer

Learn how to implement websites with designs and layouts.

About the course

The course is divided into two parts: theory and practice. It starts with an introduction to the implementation functionality (theory) and a presentation of how to use the most common functions in Dynamicweb CMS. After this first part, the course participants will work with computers, solving a number of tasks.

Target audience

This course is intended for partners who are to produce websites in Dynamicweb CMS. The course is recommended for both new and existing partners as an introduction to designs and layouts. Hereafter, there is the possibility of further education through our other - more advanced - courses.



  • Core concepts
  • Navigation
  • Content placeholders
  • Page features
  • Advanced concepts
  • Module templates
  • XSLT Templates
  • Objectives
After taking this course, the participant will be able to implement a simple website in Dynamicweb CMS. In addition, the participant will be familiar with the functionality that makes it possible to move on to more advanced functions by oneself.

Elearning 2:

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Module 1 - Core Concepts
Module 2 - Navigation
Module 3 - Content Placeholders
Module 4 - Page Features
Module 5 - Advanced Concepts
Module 6 - Module Templates
Module 7 - XSLT Templates
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