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Dynamicweb CMS Basic Product Training

Get an introduction to Dynamicweb CMS and learn the basics.

About the course

The course is an introduction to Dynamicweb CMS and a presentation of how to create pages, add sections and insert modules. The general structure of Dynamicweb is also presented.

Target audience

This course is intended for partners who still aren't entirely familiar with Dynamicweb CMS. The course is recommended for new partners as an introduction to the system. Hereafter, there is the possibility of further education through our other - more advanced - courses.
It's a technical course, meaning that it doesn't focus on how the system can be sold, but only on how it works.


Experience of working with Content Management is a great advantage, but not a requirement.


  • Introduction to important areas of Dynamicweb CMS
  • Creating a page
  • Editing a page
  • Inserting modules
  • Creating global elements
  • Introduction to the File Manager (Image editing)
  • Extended page settings (sorting, page templates, drafts etc)
  • Setting security with User Management


After taking this course, the participant will be able to create new, as well as edit existing, pages and sections in Dynamicweb. In addition, the participant will be able to add modules and understand how modules operate.

Elearning 1:

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Module 1 - Important Areas
Module 2 - Creating a page
Module 3 - Editing a page
Module 4 - Inserting Modules
Module 5 - Global elements
Module 6 - File Manager
Module 7 - Page Settings
Module 8 - Setting Security
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